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A Place for All

All ages now attend our service on Sunday morning since we have religious education before the service.

Some people may say that's how their church is or was. All ages attended my grandmother's Baptist church as did I when I was visiting her. It was really meant for adults, though, and it just "taught us to sit still" as did public school, long rides in the car, and watching tv - it was not really a lesson we needed. I know my grandmother loved her Baptist church and religion, but that's all I got out of it - an understanding of my grandmother.

The worship experience at my church no longer has a "Time for All Ages" as the entire service is designed to be as everybody-friendly as possible. Here's an example from this morning that I loved:

The service was about Gifts so we did the 12 Days of Christmas (today was the 11th day). Our minister asked for 12 volunteers. It took a few minutes to get 12 brave souls, but I was number 12 and a long-time member who has Alzheimer's (stage 3, I believe) was number 6. He decided to participate just as he decides he has to come to church every Sunday and fortunately we have a member who can transport him without any trouble. It was a wonderful experience that was enjoyed by every age and stage.
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