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#religion #hope "It's a lie to think you're not good enough; ...you're not worth anything."

This was shared on Facebook and this man, Nick Vujicic, is doing a great thing to help give people hope (see the video below that's on YouTube here, "No Arms No Legs No Worries"). In this video he doesn't talk about his love of Jesus, but he does use that as part of his message when he's not talking to a public school group. For those who doubt the Bible and other holy books as being "the word of God" or the absolute truth, you have another option: Unitarian Universalism which includes the principle of "A free and responsible search for truth and meaning".

It is so empowering to me to know that I can choose and find my own truth and meaning and beliefs about God, the Universe, and Life. I choose what I believe, and then what I think based on those beliefs, and then the actions I take. I may not have been born with his supportive parents or financial resources to support his ability to get where he's gotten, but I have the ability to make the most of my life just like he does and we all do. Hope does not have to be "religious"; it is a human ability and we can all pass it on.

This video was shared on Facebook right after I wrote this, so I'm editing it to add this for those of you who would like to know why someone would not believe in Jesus, Christianity, and the Bible:

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