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Population, #BillMaher, Religion, and the Universe

Cosmos_spacetime_odyssey_titlecardOn Bill Maher they talked about "Cosmos" and they talked about how the Universe is 13.8 billion years old and how they know it (mathematically).

I saw the new Cosmos show with Neil DeGrasse Tyson and I can understand how people couldn't understand it, even though it was done in a pretty clear way for people who watch TV and movies regularly today could understand, their minds just can't digest something like that. They might believe they're not smart enough to understand it.

I was taught that as "just a girl" I don't need to learn physics and other sciences. I guess it was mostly my father, but it worked. I find it hard. I love science and want to understand, so I've been able to change myself, but I wanted to. I don't belong to a religious organization that still tells me that as a woman I should be home taking care of the children. There are a lot of women who are taught that and I know people in my children's generation who believe that and don't see population as a problem. Though they do say that the percentage in the younger generations who believe those things that keep them from embracing the concepts of science is less. There are men, too, that are taught that all they need to know is how to make money in business or some people just plain aren't interested in science, though some are taught at a very young age that they shouldn't listen to that science talk because it's against their religion, especially the part about the Earth being 6,000 years old (maybe they believe in gravity).

Alan Weisman was on Bill Maher and talked about the problem with population growth even in the United States. I mentioned the population problem in my last post, but I thought most industrialized nations, even the U.S. was doing OK, though he says it's not.

Bill Maher said that 60% of Americans believe in Noah's Ark, so their statement that most people know about the Big Bang Theory is not necessarily so (I can't believe they said that on Bill Maher - there's a disconnect). If they "know" about it, it's not the kind of "know" where a man knows a woman in the Bible. LOL! They don't even know about the Big Bang Theory as much as people know that milk comes from a cow (many who never actually saw it these days, don't really connect milk and cows) and that beef is a dead cow (or related mammal which is bred just to be meat) and they create a lot of gas emission that contributes to global warming (9%). Most people don't know or don't care or believe what they do can't make a difference (maybe they believe in predestination - that we have no free will).

What a diverse world of beliefs we live in - that's why Unitarian Universalism exists - so people can come together with the knowledge that people are different and believe differently but can still be together. That's how we learn and grow.
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