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What's wrong with the health care bill

The health care bill will not put government between you and your doctor as some people think. It will put the insurance company between you and your doctor in the same way insurance companies do now. This creates two problems:

* forcing people to pay for insurance they truly may not be able to afford, because there is no public option and private insurance companies can charge what they want and premiums keep going up. It's nice that businesses get a tax credit for offering insurance which will help them to offer policies that are more affordable, hopefully. Theoretically with younger, healthier people in the insurance pool and more competition, the insurance rates should go down, but we know businesses often don't work that way. I believe they've raised the income level on eligibility for Medicaid. I guess the special exception for cancer to get Medicaid will go away since everyone will have to have insurance before they get sick or have an accident, but at least they can't be refused coverage due to a pre-existing condition.

* setting a precedent for government to make you buy something without it being paid through a tax. This could truly be a problem as we don't want government to decide they can do that with other things. Unfortunately, politics create an accusation to the party who raises taxes & people don't understand that they benefit from what they get through taxes. Poorer people pay less and sometimes/often get more. So if the challenge by the states results in the bill being considered unconstitutional, hopefully it will go back to our Representatives and they will finally vote on a public option. Hopefully a public option will be acceptable, but if that appears to be taxing people who don't have insurance and the tax has to be equally applied (on a progressive scale), like it is for Medicaid and Medicare, then if we all pay for the public option, I suppose everyone will want it - Universal Healthcare. Why not?

We, taxpayers, pay in the long-run any way, because everyone will at some time get sick or have an accident and need health care. Even when a person dies, a doctor sign the death certificate and sometimes an autopsy is required. Who pays for that? Government helps pay for many hospitals and hospices - they get government subsidies.

Government funds come through taxes. I think this should be taught in school along with what taxes are used to cover. Can you imagine if there was no government? We'd have to pay a toll to use the privately constructed roads and we'd have to pay for private police protection and there would be no guarantee of assistance when people are unemployed or have other problems. I guess the majority realize the benefit of our government, but it seems there's still a lot of ignorance. And there's ignorance of what the poor endure by people who've never been poor or known poor people personally or if they're righteously indignant because they had the ability to overcome their poverty.

Of course, we don't have enough funds for health care, because we spend more on military than every other country combined.


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Apr. 7th, 2010 06:58 am (UTC)
*sigh* Yup.
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